Sunday, September 26, 2010

so this has stopped being a radio show blog as i no longer am doing my show..
dan and i have moved far far away to british columbia's north...well actually we live in the middle, but there really isn't too much farther up so people just consider prince george to be in the north.

it's nice up here...i'm unemployed which is a pain in the ass.
but it has given me time to work on my knitting. not just scarves and the like. the other day i finished knitting a plushie stegosaurus..

pictures might follow...but don't count on it.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

i'm pretty excited about this week's theme!!!

it's pretty geeky
it is Trock, or time lord rock!!!

that's right, music inspired by doctor who!!! holy crap i love doctor who. can't deny it.
i'll post the set list after the show airs.

Monday, April 26, 2010

wow, it's been almost two months since i've posted anything on this.
still doin' the show!!!
tune in this tuesday at 4-5pm!!!

this week's theme is: songs i love to listen to in my car!
just got my full drivers license and thought that it would be a good theme :D

Thursday, February 25, 2010

this week's theme: cover songs
here is the set list, with original artists in brackets :D

1. ever fallen in love *nouvelle vague* (the buzzcocks)
2. love will tear us apart *nouvelle vague* (joy division)
3. wonderwall *cat power* (oasis)
4. i found a reason *cat power* (the velvet underground)
5. how soon is now? *love spit love* (the smiths)
6. common people *william shatner* (pulp)
7. major tom *shiney toy guns* (peter schilling)
8. this magic moment *lou reed* (the drifters)
9. that's all *zeus* (genesis)
10. wanted dead or alive *the slackers* (bon jovi)
11. mother and child (reunion) *the morning benders* (paul simon)
12. running up that hill *placebo* (kate bush)
13. walking on the moon *darkest of the hillside thickets* (the police)
14. the killing moon *nouvelle vague* (echo and the bunnymen)

Saturday, February 20, 2010

so there was no show this week as i've been sick
i am still really really sick

Thursday, February 4, 2010

trip hop week on she is steam powered

here is the track list

1. shattered soul - the herbaliser
2. battle of bongo hill - the herbaliser
3. indigo boy - esthero
4. anywayz - esthero
5. fire bird - stupid robots
6. ways of the planets - stupid robots
7. hell is round the corner - tricky
8. only you - portishead
9. the sea - morcheeba
10. the number song - dj shadow
11. black milk - massive attack

Thursday, January 28, 2010

finally back in the studio live

this week's theme : lindsay's ultimate play list...or songs that i can't stop listening to

the set list was as follows

1. Imitosis - andrew bird
2. waking the dead - sam roberts
3. give you love - thenewno.2
4. revenge of the king - kula shaker
5. empire - kasabian
6. zero - yeah yeah yeahs
7. oh la la - goldfrapp
8. you're my heart - lioness
9. float on - modest mouse
10. 15 step - radiohead
11. sunday smile - beirut
12. tonite tonite - the superfantastics